iℚuant is the IÉSEG Research Group in Quantitative finance. The group iℚuant was launched in September 2022 to support research activities in the field of quantitative finance but also to support the dissemination of research.


The research developed at iℚuant goes from theoretical contributions on quantitative finance to balanced contributions that both contain theoretical and empirical analysis. Members of the research group share common interests in various subfields of finance, including financial regulation, money and monetary policy, decentralized finance, energy economics or asset pricing. iℚuant has two types of related research objectives: production and dissemination of academic research in a narrow sense and dissemination of knowledge in a broader sense.

Regarding academic research in a narrow sense, the first important objective of iℚuant is to produce and disseminate state-of-the-art research designed to be published in internationally-recognized journals specialized in finance or economics.  Seminars in quantitative finance play an important role and are organized on a regular basis. Topics of the seminars include but are not restricted to, asset pricing, financial regulation, monetary policy, climate change or decentralized finance.

Regarding the dissemination of knowledge, the second objective of iℚuant, is to organize a number of conferences opened to a wide audience including students. Invited speakers provide in general a lecture on important topics in finance such as monetary policy, inflation, digital currency or financial regulation. Time is given to the public to ask questions or make comments.

To learn more about iℚuant, please contact any member of our faculty or research staff.